Big Old Warning Page

Hey!  Thank you for looking.

Um, this is kind of an adult blog, just to be all warny…

I’m an author, and like it says this is kind of a diary or a memoir or thoughts of whatever.  But I’m a smut author, so this diary is kind of dirty.  Like maybe really dirty.  So, just for that, a warning!

This is for me, about me, and kind of about I like.  Which might not be what you like. Even if you like my stories.

So what I mean is, stuff here might ick some people and be triggery for others, and since I don’t want to upset anyone by mistake, this probably needs saying… so here’s a big old warning page!  Because seriously, maybe ick for anal, or roughness, or for the genders of participants if you care, and especially, it might be a bit triggery with roughness or consent or whatever you might like to call that.

Um, okay, so that said… are we all still good?

Yay!  In that case, there’s posts here which are basically the stories, and an explanation here, and about me here.  And actually about me here.  And in case you’re wondering, the point of this blog is just that this is pretty much mostly true, as in, either true like stuff I did, or true like I want to and think about it.  Which is just something I wanted to try writing down.

So anyways.  Thank you and have fun!